Gallimaufry Of The Brain

According to The Free Dictionary the definition of Gallimaufry is a jumble or a hodgepodge.

jumble image

That just about sums up the idea behind this blog. Expect anything here. Believe…well…you can be the judge of the real and the imagined. That’s half the fun. This is where I’m gonna cut loose and just say whatever the heck comes to my mind and let the crap hit it.

Now understand, I’m new to this sort of thing. Blogging, I mean. Oh, I’ve opened a few from time to time, then lost track of ’em. Guess no one else was really interested in what was going on on them either, because no one ever asked, “So, whatever happened to that blog you opened back in ’99…”

Neither here nor there. Life goes on, don’ it?

This time though I’m pinning the future on response and garbled thoughts. Speak to me, peeps. You are here to keep me in line, as it were. In other words…. Guidance of the folks in the know is encouraged.

Happy National Doughnut Day, guys.



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