Gallimaufry is….Revisited (and where I’ve been)


Soooooo….it’s been ages.  There’s a new year on the horizon.  Resolutions for a better year are in order, right?  Let’s see if I can get back into the swing of this writing thing.
That said, is running a daily prompt for bloggers.  Figured I’d give it a go.  Todays prompt is…. Drum roll, please…….
Now that you’ve got some blogging experience under your belt, re-write your very first post.
Well, my very first post was to define the previous blog, which I just happened to name the same as this one.  Boring, right. Maybe so, but ya get what ya get. Deal, my lovelies. Deal.
Okay, good then. Gallimaufry, aside from being damn hard to spell, still means a hodgepodge or a jumble.  (See how I mixed that bit up by turning the words around?  Ain’t I ever so cute?).  The definition still holds for what I want this page to be. Hey, I’m an opinionated bitch. What else is new?  But now there is a source for new input. Don’t you just WISH I hadn’t found that?  God knows what I can do with an actual direction. Maybe even get back to writing. (shiver).
Some of you might be wondering if I fell off the face of the planet in my absence.  Almost, my friends, almost.
We were caught in the Halloween flood of 2012 in Austin. The house was a total, in as much as black mold took hold. The county has that problem now…not that their to concerned. Last month they plowed over the entire lot.  Biddy-bye-bye, house.
Anyway the black mold may have given me C.O.P.D. At least something did and I didn’t have it until the mold, so I”m blaming that by default.
After the county bought the house, which my daughter owned, I moved in with her until we could find something else.  And low and behold, ended up in the hospital for septis. Doc said if I hadn’t gone to  hospital when I did I wouldn’t have made it through the day. But here I am.
Was in hospital for a month.  A month, I ask ya. Who stays in hospital a bleeding month. Me, that’s who.  Yuck!
Anyways…., we found a new house on an acre of land in a nice, small community near Austin.  Love it here, even if I do have a mountain of unpacking and organizing to do.
Since we moved in in November I’ve held a Sweet 16 for my granddaughter, thanksgiving for the family and Christmas eve supper and Christmas dinner (Because they couldn’t all get here on the same day). Not gonna do New Years. This house needs a  quiet moment.
Time to end this. I’ve bored you all long enough with the dreariness of my last 12 months.
Want to wish ya all a happy new year, and hope Christmas was all you hoped for.
Leave a comment, and spread the word about this idiot page, if you would. I’d love to hear from all the folks out there.

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