Today’s (day 2) assignment: edit your title and tagline.

At this time I’m quite happy with my title and tag line. It pretty much sums up everything I want it to.  But I am willing to consider options.


Blogging U Assignment 1: write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post.

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Playing catch up with the Blogging U assignments. Hopefully when this is posted it will arrive at the right place, albeit fashionably late.

So who I am? Do any of us ever really know the answer to that. We change with every adventure or tragedy. It’s a constant, like breathing. Today I’m a mom trying to figure out what I can do to help my youngest back off the destructive path she’s following. Not much I can do at this time, but it’s very possible the girl is heading for rehab if she doesn’t get her act together.

Am also a mom praying my youngest son knows what he’s doing. We won’t go into that, just leave it where it is.

Luckily I think the other five have a handle on things. At the moment. For the time being.  Welll….maybe their just not sharing yet.  Did I mention the mother thing. I so was not kidding.

I’m also a new home owner. Nice, that. Unless you count the fact that I am having to deal with nine  year old appliances that came with the nine year old home and the repairman doesn’t seem to know how to fix and doesn’t seem to want to honor the warranty.  Maybe he’s hoping I’ll go away.  Fool him, hey? <g>

So, new home, with land. We’re dipping our toe into the gardening and orchid pool. You might be hearing about that, me having a black thumb. Who should I go to for help but knowledgeable bloggers, doncha think?

Livestock too. I’ve got two  silkie chickens (fully grown) in my spare bathroom cuz the youngest, remember I mentioned her, thinks it’s too cold and keeps bringing them back in. There’s an angora bunny the size of a Pomeranian in the bedroom and darned if she didn’t get a bleeding tarantula as well, so that and crickets in a habitat. I don’t like spiders or crickets. But she’s sitting in jail for DWI so guess who has to deal.

Won’t go into the seven dogs or four cats right now, cuz their my precious babies and I’ll likely say plenty about them as time goes by.

What do I want the blog to be. Gallimaufry. For those who haven’t read my opening post when I first opened into blogging (several years ago, block remember), and the “rewrite your first post entries” assignment for dailypost, gallimaufry is a hodge-podge or a jumble to thoughts.  For me it’s like the writer’s journal that authors are recommended to do to jump start their daily writing. Right now since I’m in a two year block, this is hopefully going get me back into the habit of regular writing, (and the editing of a book a publisher has been waiting for coming up on two months) and conversing with the writing mailing lists and Live Journals I have opened over time dedicated to various areas of writing.

Oh yeah, I’m also a procrastinator, hopefully with your help, recovering. <g>

Why should you read my page, you ask?  Simple answer….? Why not?  I’ll try to entertain ya. No promises how well I’ll do. Procrastinator <wink>.  All I can say is come check me out, chat awhile. You might find it worth your while.