The Death of Torchwood?


There is a rumbling, grumbling rage of upset in the Austin Dr Who/Torchwood fan base tonight.

With the close of this season’s offering, “Torchwood: Children of Earth” the fans are screaming their grief to all and sundry, proclaiming to anyone who will listen that they will not be back for the pending series 4 release.

Why all the hub-bub, you ask?

In Series 2 the devoted fans saw the death of two, not one, but two of the core cast. Speaking in one of the special feature clips on the Series two DVD set, Russell T. Davies asserts that the decision to terminate Owen and Tosh was to off-set Torchwood leader, Jack Harkness’ immortality and show his vulnerability. Perhaps someone should have put up a bill board letting the creator know that his message as clear. Maybe then the fans, still reeling from the tragic deaths of Tosh Santo and Owen Harper, would not have been treated to another devastating team massacre with the current series. In this five episode epic, the fans have a justified feeling of betrayal with the death of Ianto Jones.

And what of the dashing rake, Captain Jack Harness? Is it possible this flamboyant, conman time-agent turned world crusader has really run away with his tail tucked under his flapping greatcoat?

This turn of events has fans screaming for blood. Russell T. Davies blood to be specific. Many grieving fans have declared that they will not be tuning in for Season 4. Only time will tell if they do return

Original post date: Saturday, July 11, 2009